Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Become a Composting Tourist

Some of us love our compost bin and would never think of straying from the well-established working relationship. But if ads for tumblers have caught your eye or if you wonder what a three bin system is all about, there is a way to “play the field” without the pressure to buy anything.

Hamilton County has several Compost Demonstration Sites around the area where you can see a variety of compost bins in action.

The Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati is open to the public for self-guided tours. This site boasts just about any bin your heart desires: plastic tumbler, wire, wooden three bin system, and even a miniature three bin system for the kids. If traditional isn’t your type, they have an orb bin you are supposed to roll around on the ground to aerate and mix. And when you’ve had your fill of compost bin excitement, you can take a stroll through the beautiful gardens to see where the compost is used.

All the sites offer unique compost bins to check out, so consider “touring” a few just for fun. Here is the list:

Civic Garden Center or call 221-0981

Gardens @ Village Green or call 541-0252

Glenwood Gardens or call 521-7275

Grannies Garden School or call 324-2873

Gorman Heritage Farm or call 563-6663

The District also offers presentations to garden clubs and other interested groups at the sites. Contact the District’s Education Specialist, Keebler Holley at 946-7736.

Photo of Gorman Heritage Farm Demonstration Site

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