Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Composting for Wine Lovers (or Haters)

“I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in my food.” -Unknown

I won’t pretend to be a wine connoisseur. Usually, I’m just happy if I have enough time to relax and enjoy a glass. But every once in a while I’ll open a bottle and (gasp!) not finish the wine. Despite my best efforts, the non-wine drinking portion of my life takes over and the wine goes bad.

Can that old wine be dumped in the compost bin?

Reduce, Redrink, Recycle
Before we get to composting, let me say that old wine can be recorked (or recapped), refrigerated, and consummed within a few days. If you want some great tips on storing wines (including champagne) check out this blog.

Other Uses for Old Wine
For those wines you no longer want to drink you can use them in other ways such as cooking or even bathing (next you’ll be swimming through piles of money Uncle Scrooge style). Follow this link for other ideas on reusing that old chardonnay.

Happy Compost Bugs
Much like beer, wine acts as a compost accelerator for your pile. Wine is full of nitrogen and moisture which will make your compost bugs roar into action. Too much of a good thing can cause moisture issues, so be sure to balance  the wine with dry materials until your pile is like a wrung out sponge.

Even this time of year, your compost pile will drink up your cast offs.  

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and less wasteful New Year. Happy 2014, everyone!


  1. This is useful information. I never thought of composting bad wine. And putting it in my bath?! Brilliant!

  2. I love your posts:) My friends referred me your site for the first time. And I'm still following your posts everyday. Take care. Keep sharing.