Thursday, May 1, 2014


Well amigos, it is time to celebrate all things May: poles, flowers, horses, heritage, mothers, service members, and compost!

When you are chowing down on your guacamole, don’t forget to give your compost critters the avocado peels and seeds. While drinking your julep, throw those mint stems in your pile (but eat the muddled leaves at the bottom of your glass and proclaim “I did eat my greens today”).

It is International Compost Awareness Week, the first full week each and every May! Share the joy of this wonderful, beneficial, soil amendment. Shout it from the roof tops, “I love compost and I’m proud of it!”

Here are some ideas for you to share during this week honoring the humble yet impactful compost:
  • When peeling an onion for dinner, pull-off one of the thin inner membranes and tell your family, “This represents all the soil on the earth. Aren’t you proud we compost?”
  • When joining co-workers for a coffee break ask them, “Did you know even if you don’t compost, coffee grounds can be dribbled all around your plants as is?”

  • While dining out with friends, ask them if you can take home their uneaten pizza crust as it is a valuable resource for your garden (then explain why).
  • Ask the riddle, “What’s better than one apple pie?” When they answer “Two apple pies” you can tell them, “No! The apple peels and cores I compost. Instead of throwing them into the landfill, I am adding nutrients to my soil to grow more apples.”
  • Instead of saying “hello” to people this week, try greeting them with the word “compost” in different languages, it’s a great way to start a conversation about compost!

Can you think of other ways to celebrate composting? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Komposti Awareness Week!
Post from Guest Blogger Jenny Lohmann

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