Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Divine Winter Composting

Neither rain nor snow will stop the post office (most times), but it sure puts a damper on my backyard composting. These cold months don’t stop me from collecting fruit and vegetable scraps, but I don’t hike to the back 40 as often. I store my odds and ends in limbo for a time.
Limbo in my case happens to be the garage. Here the scraps can sit until I am ready to pull on my Wellies, zip up my parka and head out. Upon venturing out, I’m sure to have on a pair of work gloves so I can easily deposit the scraps and finish with a topcoat of shredded leaves.
Once leaving limbo, it’s agony having to wait in purgatory for spring to come. Finally when the weather warms, I can turn that pile and an inferno takes place, leaving me with hallowed ground- finished compost.  Ah paradise!

My apologies to Dante…
Dante Alighieri by Sandro Botticelli

Guest Blogger, Jenny

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