Thursday, February 26, 2015

Soil Regeneration Taught at Spring Composting Seminars

Dreaming of rich, dark, crumbling soil for your gardens and grass to grow big and strong? Well, 2015 is officially the International Year of Soil and we have a number of ways to help you achieve your goal.

If it’s the basics of composting you seek then our spring seminar “Get the Dirt on Backyard Composting” is for you as compost is that important ingredient that regenerates soil, as well as serving other purposes. We are asking blog readers who have attended our seminar to pass on this information to friends, family, and neighbors.
The eight locations are listed below. To get more information and register click here.
Date                                                 Community

March 25, (Wednesday)              Terrace Park

April 1, (Wednesday)                   Elmwood Place

April 8, (Wednesday)                   Green Township

April 14, (Tuesday)                       Springfield Township

April 29, (Wednesday)                 Northside

May 6, (Wednesday)                    Anderson Township

May 6, (Wednesday)                    Forest Park

May 19, (Tuesday)                        Sharonville

For those of you who have attended our one hour seminar on backyard composting, you may want to further your knowledge by attending the Civic Garden Center’s Master Composter series which begins March 10, 2015. Click here for more details.
Individuals preferring the arm chair-style of learning, a soil facts guide can be found here.
Spread the word: composting is trés chic!

written by guest blogger: Jenny

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  1. Thanks for sharing that its the International Year of Soils. And, because I can't make it to any of those events (I am located in Vancouver, Canada), the soils fact guide is great!