Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bins in Action

Compost bins come in all shapes and sizes. Here are several bins in action from the backyards of me and my coworkers. They are all different but yield the same wonderful black-gold results.


  1. Anyone know of smaller size composters that could be used in an urban environment with very limited yard space?

    1. dig a hole in your yard, fill it with compost materials, cover it back up .

  2. Anyone know of an apartment size composter or a smaller one that would work in an urban environment with limited yard space?

  3. You may want to consider one of the smaller turning bins that can be moved around the yard (on wheels or as a ball). I would recommend checking out the civic garden center or park and vine.

  4. We recently bought a small double bin one that rolls easily on a metal stand. My favorite feature is that you can have one side working while you add to and fill up the other bin (then switch). Price was reasonable at $100 from Home Depot, and it is working very well for us so far. No critters foraging for food scraps so far. The system also requires less brown if you don't get much leaves.