Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Superhero Compost Reduces Chemicals in Your Home

We all know compost kicks ass. It saves us money and helps us burn calories. But compost has real life super powers you should know about.

Holy Compost, Batman!

According to the U.S. EPA, compost can reduce or eliminate your need for chemical fertilizers. Compost provides humus to your soil, increasing the nutrient content and encouraging beneficial microorganisms. All that great compost can drastically reduce or eliminate your use of chemical fertilizers.

The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District recommends testing your soil after adding compost to determine if you need to anything else.

Compost SMASH!

Compost has been shown in studies to suppress plant diseases and pests. I would like to see the Hulk do that (and keep the plant alive).

Up, UP, and Away!

It may not be bullet proof, but compost has been shown to cleanup and remediate soils. Compost absorbs odors, treats volatile organic compounds (VOCs), binds heavy metals, and prevents them from being absorbed by plants. KAPOW!

Here I Come to Save the Day!

Compost prevents pollutants in storm water from reaching surface waters. It has also been shown to prevent erosion and turf loss.

All with no cape or leotard.

At least not on the compost, what you are wearing is none of my business.

Happy composting, superheroes. J

How great is this clip art?

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