Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Composting Hack: Shrink Your Leaves with this Simple Trick

Submitted by guest blogger Brad Miller
I have only been composting a couple of years now so I was excited when they asked me to write a blog post. Fall is a great time for composting since it provides my compost pile with a large amount of leaves.
Brad's inner child playing in leaves.
These leaves allow me to mix my food waste and coffee grounds into the pile throughout the winter and spring. Any extra leaves I have are bagged and used in the spring and summer.
One thing I have learned in my short time composting is that oak leaves break down much slower than other leaves. If you have a lot of oak leaves, try mulching them with your mower first to help them break down quicker when put in your compost pile/bin.
Here is a great video explaining how to mulch your leaves with a mower:
Do you have more leaves than you can handle or are you looking for more leaves? Consider joining the Greater Cincinnati Leaf Exchange Facebook group to connect with your neighbors.

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