Thursday, December 3, 2015

DIY Gifts Every Composter Will Love

Composters are natural DIYers. Literally. We make finished compost out of “garbage.” So, of course, we enjoy DIY presents to support our hobby (or obsession depending on who you ask).

Here are some ideas of gifts you can make with your own two hands for relatively little cost that will make the composter you love squeal with excitement.

Or maybe just smile gratefully, I can’t guarantee squealing.

Compost Screener: With a few 2x4s and some chicken wire, you are well on your way to my favorite gift on this list. Here is a post that will explain all the joy and satisfaction associated with screening and how to make your own

Pail Liners: All you need is old newspaper and some mad folding skills to create origami compost liners. These super helpful liners will save any composter time from cleaning out their kitchen collector.  Head over to this post to learn how to make compost origami.

Turner: You can make an inexpensive auger-aerator by purchasing an anchor used for mobile homes at a recreational vehicles supply store. The auger base has an “eye” hole at the top. Put a piece of wood in the eye as a handle and you have a turning tool for less than $5. (Here are pictures of something similar).

Slap a bow on that baby and you’re ready to go.

Bin: A quick google search will yield TONS of options on how to build your own bin. Here are a few pointers on size and materials to consider for a DIY compost bin

Coupons For Your Time: Don’t roll your eyes. Offer help in turning the pile or shredding leaves, or offer to take out the compost for the whole month. Time is valuable and nothing is more precious than spending it with a loved one. (Okay now you can roll your eyes but it’s true). J

Bonus gift: if you want to spruce up your present with an I Love Compost magnet, just send me an email. You can pick one up for the bargain price of free from our office in Corryville.

Happy Holidays, Fellow Composters!

You will look this cute making your gifts.

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  1. These are good ideas of gifts.Yes we can make them at home easily an give to our composter friend a surprising gift.Thanks for the ideas.