Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Awakening

Doing the happy dance on this warm winter day! Getting outside and cleaning up the yard feels like fun rather than a chore.

The cold earth is showing signs of spring awakenings: bulbs are pushing through; snowdrops are in bloom; as well as those pesky wild onions. Another sure sign of spring includes our annual compost seminars.

Get your neighbors on the bandwagon. Preach the magic of this organic matter then send them this link to sign up for one of our workshops. There are four dates and locations to choose from, they only last one hour, and the first one is March 31. Whether new to composting or just need a basics reminder, this workshop is for you (or them). Are you a member of Nextdoor? Share our event in your community as well.

Those of you who are ready to become “masters”, our friends at the Civic Garden Center have an opportunity especially for you. Click here for more information on their Master Composter Series.
Note to deer: feel free to eat wild onions
guest blogger: Jenny


  1. Oh PLEASE eat the wild onions! Such a nuisance in my flower beds.

  2. Does anyone have a sure fired way to get rid of that peskey wild onion grass?