Monday, June 6, 2016

The First Graduating Class of the Year

Post by guest-blogger and compost-lover Jenny Lohmann

Having had some glorious weekend weather has permitted me to get out and tend to my garden and compost pile. I have two different compost piles, one for leaves and one “working” pile.
Gathering my equipment: pitchfork, rake, shovel, and tarp, I get to work. First, I use my pitchfork to move the unfinished compost on the top over to my leaf pile. Next, I rake the stragglers, bits of twigs, seeds, and vines to the side and… voila!

Hello beautiful compost, my homemade, plant-loving nutrient.

I happily shovel the finished compost onto a tarp to be mixed later into my soil and potting mix. Any I have left over will be sprinkled about my yard to add organic matter.

Before I disperse my home-cooked compost, I invite my neighbor to view my labor of love. As any successful composter knows, it’s a proud moment to see your compost finished and ready to nourish the life in your yard. I look forward to a summer of coaching many classes of food scraps and yard waste into seasoned do-gooders who make our soil a better place.

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