Friday, February 10, 2017

Compost Experiment: Can You Compost Paper Muffin Liners?

Guest Post from compost-lover Cher Mohring

I love a yummy lemon poppy seed muffin!

But what about the paper liner?
Can you compost it?  Let’s see . . .
First, I put the liner in a plastic mesh bag and buried it in the office worm bin.

Five days later...
When I check on it 5 days later I found some hungry worms in the bag. And the liner was noticeably smaller. So I reburied it.
Then, five more days later...
Not as many worms, but a little bit of liner left, so I decided to bury it for a third time.
By day 14: no worms, and no liner!
The answer to my question . . .YES you can compost paper muffin liners!


  1. I have been, but have to admit it always crossed my mind that maybe I shouldn't be! Thanks for the experiment!!

  2. Thanks for the post. Good to see the proof. :)