Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring Composting Tips

Are you as ready as I am to jump into spring? Warmer temperatures and more rain will make your compost pile jump into action – if you follow these tips.

  1. Moisture: Watch the moisture level of your pile. All of the spring rain can add too much moisture if your pile doesn’t have good drainage. You want your pile to be as wet as a wrung out sponge. Too much water will cause the pile to go anaerobic (a.k.a. stinky).
  2. Aeration: Once temperatures warm up, aerate your pile. Food scraps tend to accumulate over the long winter months since the pile is mostly dormant. When your pile unfreezes all of those food scraps will start to decompose at once. Aerating will keep that decomposition going and speed it up.
  3. Additions: Add weeds and plant trimmings to your pile. I always have some old decorative grasses or sedums from last year to add. 

Spring is a fantastic time to start a new compost pile or maintain your old pile. Pretty soon you will want to harvest that finished compost to start new beds and for early summer planting. Take advantage of your ambitious spring gardening attitude to compost everything you can.

Happy composting!


  1. Hi! I was just invited to teach a composting workshop for Sayler Park Sustains on June 9th in Hamilton County. I'm a composting enthusiast but I've never taught a workshop on composting before so I googled Hamilton County composting and your blog was the first thing to pop up! Do you have any tips for teaching a composting workshop or want to join me as a co-teacher? I think we met in summer 2016 through either Sarah Waldo or Joanna Contorno when I first moved to Cincinnati. Thanks in advance for any feedback! Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Tammy, that's great! I can send you the presentation we use and give you some other supplies. Send me an email at michelle.balz@hamilton-co.org.