Friday, February 7, 2020

Little Known Items You Can Compost from the Bathroom

Guest Blogger Angela Rivera

Need some new inspiration of what else you can compost? I went on a search recently to see what else I could put in my compost pile and found I needed to start a small collection in my bathroom. 

Here are some bathroom items you can put in your compost bin:
  • Used Tissues
  • Paper Q-Tips
  • Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls
  • Hair from Hairbrush
  • Facial Hair Trimmings
  • 100% Natural Loofahs
  • 100% Cotton Balls
  • Wooden Toothpicks

These items take up about 95% of my bathroom waste and now I get to put them to better use! Did I also mention a compost pile can also take urine? Although I am not ready use my compost pile as a bathroom, it’s good to know it is an option.

What new compostable item have you added lately?

Guest Blogger/ Composting Enthusiast Angela Rivera


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, poor burnt toast. Yes, I occasionally add that too.

  2. I believe you said in one post we could add dryer lint-so that has been going in the pile as well.

  3. I believe you said we can use dryer lint so that has also been going in the compost.

    1. Yes! I always add my dryer lint.

    2. Thanks and very helpful. I frequently have trouble getting enough "brown". Cardboard tubes usually go to recycle. I'm struggling with using newspaper because photos contain so much dye!!!

  4. I feel so nerdy doing all this but, I LOVE IT!