Friday, May 1, 2020

It's International Compost Awareness Week!

Friends, good news, our holiday has arrived. May 3-9, 2020 marks the official...

International Compost Awareness Week!!!

You may say to yourself, "what does this mean?" "How can I celebrate?" 

Well, before you start stringing lights around your compost bin or hiding piles of compost around the yard for your kids to find, here are few more practical ways to celebrate:

1. Spread the Compost Love: shout your love of composting from the rooftops (not literally, that would be dangerous). Share a composting selfie with your bin or your finished compost on social media. Use the hashtag #soillovescompost to connect your post with others around the world.

2. Help a Friend Start Composting: share our upcoming virtual compost seminar classes with your friends and tag a few that you think would enjoy backyard composting. You can find a link to our events on Facebook or on our website

3. Give Your Compost Some Attention: step outside and take some time to aerate your compost pile, learn about a new material you can compost, or harvest compost to use in your garden. 

Check out this beautiful poster from Composting Council. Any poster featuring an adorable bee bottom gets two thumbs up from me.

Happy International Compost Awareness Week, composting friends. Compost on!

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