Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tools to Win Thanksgiving

This year, after you’ve consumed more food than should be physically possible and before your turkey-induced nap, pull up this handy infographic showing what you should – and shouldn’t – compost, along with ideas to repurpose your leftovers to reduce food waste.

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Looking for an interesting dinner conversation starter?

How about pilgrim composting? There is evidence of composting as early as 1621 when Squanto showed the Pilgrims how to use fish parts to help their failing corn crop flourish. Or did you know that they did not eat pumpkin pie at the original Thanksgiving celebration. Instead lobster, seal, and swan were all on the menu.

Nothing like discussing composting fish parts and seal steaks to set a festive mood for Thanksgiving!

Oh, by the way, we do not recommend composting fish parts or any meat in your backyard bin. Unless you want to invite local wildlife to a rancid-smelling thanksgiving compost dinner while also annoying your neighbors, and attracting swarming flies.

Happy Tofurkey Day, folks!


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