Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why I Squirrel Away Leaves

I have a confession: I am way too emotionally attached to my leaves. Every year the story goes like this: First, these 100+ year old beauties dump mounds and mounds of leaves in the fall and winter. 


Then every fall and again in the spring we rake them up (leaving some for the critters). While my husband bags away, I desperately try to find places to compost them in my yard.
I could fit some more on that pile.
But there are just too many! Even if I shred the leaves I still have way more leaves than I can handle. So sadly we bag up the remainder of the beautiful brown leaves and with a heavy heart I wave goodbye as they ride off into the sunrise in the city’s yard waste truck.
I didn't have quite this many. Thanks Mary's Veggie Garden for the photo.
Oh, I know they will see a new life in a commercial-sized compost pile. But, alas, the lost potential in my own yard fills me with regret.


I pile up leaves next to my compost bin and pile more in another corner of my yard. Those leaves will be perfect for balancing out and burying the food scraps I add throughout the year.

Reminder! Now that spring has arrived you should aerate or turn your compost bin. Add some extra leaves if your pile is too wet from all the winter food scraps.

Happy spring and happy composting!


  1. Always fun to read. I have a lot of oak leaves. Someone put in my head that oak leaves take longer to break down. Is this true? I've tried shredding them but they clog up the discharge chute and aggravate me!

    1. Mine are all oak leaves too and yes, they do take longer than some other leaves to break down. I try to shred mine as I add them (which might sound a little tedious but is really not that bad). My coworker runs them over with his lawn mower so you might try that.

  2. I always save a few bags of leaves for my compost pile too. My husband tries to toss them sometimes, so I started hiding them! Lol, the things we do for that beautiful compost.