Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top 10 Signs You Are a Compost Geek

You know you're a compost geek when you find yourself nodding in agreement to at least half of the following...

10. You have 3 or more compost sites on your property.

9. You instantly like someone more when you find out they compost.

8. You keep a bin of worms so you can compost year round.

7. Attending a compost class is the highlight of your week.

6. You ask for composting accessories as gifts.

5. You carry a banana peel home in your purse.

4. You find yourself talking about compost at parties.

3. You get excited when you see your compost steaming.

2. You constantly find new things that can be composted (my most recent is soymilk).

1. You light up when you see an "I heart Compost" bumper sticker on a car.

Are you a compost geek? Tell us how you know.

Post written by Compost Geek Cher Mohring, with help from all of her compost geek colleagues at the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District.


  1. #11: people at work ask you if you want their (fruit / veggy) in the fridge that expired. Of course I take it home and compost it!

  2. 12. The people you live with stop complaining about any smell and join in the saving and transporting.

  3. You have a special container in your lunch bag to bring home coffee grounds from the office.

  4. When you go to Panera Bread and get their used coffee grounds.

  5. When you buy your friend a composting bin as a housewarming gift