Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun Winter Project: Straw Bale Composting Fort

Did you ever tear up all the couch cushions, pillows, and blankets to make a living room fort as a kid? Since this was one of my favorite activities, I was especially drawn to the idea of making winter straw fort compost bins after watching a video of gardeners doing this in Brooklyn.

I mean, if they can make winter compost and grow cold frame lettuce in Brooklyn, we can do it in Cincinnati, right?

The idea is that stacked up straw bales on three sides insulates the compost from weather. On the fourth side they constructed a simple cold frame which likely draws and provides heat to the compost bin depending on the time of day. Annie Hauck-Lawson, the professor and Master Composter who put together the video, created an active compost pile in a New York January and February. And because the bin was insulated, she was free to turn and aerate the pile in the dead of winter!

Check out this two part video for a fun winter composting project.

Part Two:

Although, something tells me this “fort” won’t be as fun as the one made of couch cushions.

See other videos by Annie on her website: