Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 5 Gifts for Composters

Tra la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season, right? In order to bring more jolly to your favorite composter, I’ve compiled a list of presents any composter will appreciate (and some are even handmade).

Feel free to forward this to a struggling spouse, there’s nothing wrong with dropping a little hint.

1. Turner/ Aerator Tool: These fantastically designed ergonomic tools make adding air to your compost pile a breeze. They are basically fancy metal sticks, but to a composter they are time-saving gems that will bring a smile for usually less than $25. Park + Vine.

2. Screener: You can make a screener if you're handy with a hammer and saw. Finished compost run through a screener is like pure happiness in a wheelbarrow to a composter.

3. Compost t-shirt: Compost Happens…Worm Hugger… A Rind is A Terrible Thing to Waste...what better way to show your love than a shirt with a funny or ironic saying? $20-$30 at Cafe Press.

4. Fancy kitchen collector: I received a stainless steel kitchen collector a few years ago and have to say it looks awful purty sitting on my counter. They come in bamboo, stainless steel, copper and a range of prices. Worm's Way or Park + Vine.

5. Origami liner: this present is purely DIY, but the reduction in kitchen collector cleaning will be appreciated just as much as an expensive gift. Grab yourself some old newspaper, a pair of scissors, and head over to this post which explains how to easily make compost liners out of old newspaper.

Bonus gift: if you want to spruce up your present with a I Love Compost magnet, just send me an email. You can pick one up for the bargain price of free from our office in Corryville.

Happy Holidays, composting friends!