Monday, November 20, 2017

Save the Food’s GUEST-IMATOR is Thanksgiving’s BFF

The vast majority of us make too much food on Thanksgiving. Of course, while preparing, we have visions of all of the wonderful leftover dishes we will make. But after a solid week of turkey sandwiches and turkey soup, most of us are ready to toss everything and buy a round of burritos.

Enter the Guest-Imator

A fantastic tool developed by the Save the Food campaign to help us figure out how much turkey, stuffing, and everything else you actually need to make for your guests. The tool allows you to customize your planning based on the types of eaters, the type of meal, and how much leftovers you want.

The best part, it is EASY and FUN to use. Give it a try. 

Of course, even perfect planning will likely leave us with scraps we need to compost. Check out our past Thanksgiving posts for tips on what you can and cannot compost on Thursday:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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